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Motherhood Stories - Nicola

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Becoming a first time mum you begin to prepare yourself for the sleepless nights, nappy explosions and all the other things that come with having a baby.

The one thing I didn’t prepare for was the emotional feeling that I felt after having my daughter. To some extent I think all parents wing it, bringing up a child isn’t a text book situation and every child is different. You never know what challenges you might face, and what one mum faces another might not & because of this you then have this sense of emotion, am I doing it right, am I doing my best, and is that other mum doing a better job than me.

The pressure I put on myself was massive as if having a new born isn’t stressful enough, there I was adding more emotion and worry into the situation. .

Then as your baby changes into a toddler this worry turns into guilt. There my daughter is running about tripping over toys and hurting herself and I’m there thinking if I had kept more of an eye on her that fall, trip or bang might not have happened. Silly I know as all kids have falls and bangs. But when you are pregnant and reading all the books and leaflets your given it doesn’t prepare you for the emotional side of having a baby and until you’re in that situation I don’t think you fully understand the emotions that come with having children.

Having my daughter was the biggest achievement I have ever made and the emotions are all just a part of that. So from one mummy to another don’t ever think you’re alone in feeling these emotions

Nicola ♥

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