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About Mumspired

Welcome to Mumspired where we are dedicated to finding and sourcing essentials needed during pregnancy and beyond. It is then, let's face it that the adventure truly begins. Expectant and new mums feel that their baby is the most important person in their lives. While that is true, mums often forget that their wellbeing and happiness is just as important. Our boxes have been inspired by Mums for Mums. Our products make for an ideal gift for a mum to be and a new mum.


Our African print nursing covers are handmade by a mum owned company. That’s right we are passionate about supporting other mum businesses too. These special breastfeeding covers have been designed by mums in mind, they are beautiful and unique to make mums feel extra special when out & about but yet still practical. We will endeavor to continually add more product lines and we are excited to share our amazing finds with you.


We encourage you to browse our site and be part of the Mums for Mums revolution. Our blogs have great advice, tips, encouragements, and much more. We are glad to have you as part of our community.


Tolu x 

Motherand Baby
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