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Motherhood Stories - Emma

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Thanks to Mumspired for allowing me create awareness on Worlds Down Syndrome day 21st of March. DS is just a tiny part of Jackson, he is more alike than different. He will walk and talk just like other children, it may just take a little bit longer for him to learn. A friend told me once he was thriving on his own timeline, and that is exactly right. We celebrate every single tiny milestone he meets as he works so hard to get there. We couldn’t be more proud of our happy, chilled out little man. He certainly gives the best smiles and we wouldn’t change a thing about him.

A life of multiple appointments and therapies is not what I had planned, and it’s certainly not easy but it’s where we are now and we are learning as we go to do the best to help our little fighter. Early intervention means that children with Down’s syndrome are now much more capable and successful. Who knows what the future holds for Jackson, but we will support him every step of the way, we more alike than different and we wouldn’t change a thing about our baby boy.

Show your support on Worlds Down Syndrome day by wearing your most colourful, fun and even mismatched socks. Whilst the patterns or colours on each sock differ (as chromosome counts do between those with differences). They are made of the same material, have the same shape and importantly have the same purpose. Each sock performs its equally well, and works even better with the other by its side

Emma ♥

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