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New Mum Gift Box - Pamper box - Hug in a box - Gifts for mums - Self care box

New Mum Gift Box - Pamper box - Hug in a box - Gifts for mums - Self care box


If you want to send the perfect gift to a new mum, then our 'New Mum Gift Box' is just what you need. Each item has been hand-picked by the Mumspired team with love and care

  • Why we chose the products :

    Epsom Salt: As your body is still recovering after birth, we included this salt for its soothing of muscles, relief from pains and aches, reducing the level of stress & much more

    Teething Necklace for Mum: Babies tend to need more comforting mum time when teething, so as you cuddle baby the teething necklace offers a sensory tool easy and safe for baby to touch, hold and chew. Chewing on the teething necklace provides a gentle massage to relieve the pain their sour gums

    Nuby Soothing Teethers: These teethers are designed to help your little one through the difficult teething process. As well as being colourful and fun, they offer multiple textured surfaces to soothe tender gums, stimulate the senses and help develop baby’s hand-to-eye coordination

    Batiste Original Dry Shampoo: With a new born naturally mum’s priority becomes all about the baby. Meaning in most cases the simplest tasks such as taking a shower becomes a luxury, hopefully adding this shampoo helps keeps Mum’s mane still looking her best

    Lavender Essential Oil - 9ml: Many new mums experience changes in the weeks following their baby's birth. In this postpartum period, some problems may include back and perineal pain, uterine cramps and fatigue. The use of lavender oil results in a significant improvement in perineal and physical pain, fatigue, mood and distress

    Organic Veggie Straws: In the early days its soo easy to snack on high sugar food. This is a healthy alternative to snacking, with lower fat than a standard potato crisp

    Vita Coco Coconut Oil 50ml: Pocket sized for when you’re out and about!

    All orders are shipped in our branded box & gift ready. Don't forget to leave a message for the recipient


    New Mum Gift Box - Pamper box - Hug in a box - Gifts for mums - Self care box - Letterbox Gifts

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