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Motherhood Stories - Naomi

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Looking back I would tell 'fresh mummy me' to have more trust that I have everything in me (plus people round me) to see me and bubba get through the times of anxiety and worries. I hated nights as that is when the night feeds, worrying I won't hear him, falling asleep before he finished feeding as he was a slow feeder!

Thank God for U-shaped feeding pillows otherwise my hands would have dropped. It felt overwhelming and unending...but of course the morning always came and I and bubba had made it through to enjoy the sunny spring days that have now turned into the most amazing 22 months.

My Best Buy has to be the U shaped pillow my hubby bought for me. It meant bubba was supported comfortably even when my hands had got too tired holding him from what seems like a never ending feed.

Finally, I let modesty stop me doing skin to skin with bubba. I have now let go of modesty as that time with bubba is more precious. And I found my heart beat and warmth was best thing to soothe bubba and therefore me... Happy mothering Mums

Naomi ♥

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