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Nursing Cover - Breastfeeding Feeding Cover up - Nursing cover up - Various

Nursing Cover - Breastfeeding Feeding Cover up - Nursing cover up - Various

£18.95 Regular Price
£14.95Sale Price

Breastfeeding is the most natural thing to do, so why not do it with style. Our covers come in various African prints, all designed with mums in mind. It is practical, Unique & stylish. 

  • Convenience, Privacy, and Style:

    Mumspired breastfeeding covers are designed with mums and babies in mind - soft to touch, resistant to unwanted exposer, wind or whatsoever. It’s a godsend for every mother!

    • Extended privacy:
    No more fretting over peering eyes or blowing wind. Our baby covers are generous in size and provide complete privacy to both the mother and the baby

    • Durable + 100% breathable cotton:
    Made of hard-wearing that’s destined to last a lifetime yet breathable enough to provide proper ventilation for the little one

    • Multipurpose and exclusive design:
    Handmade by mums and designed with eye-catching African prints. You will want to use them for more than just breastfeeding and you may - use them as a blanket, baby wrap, sunshade, baby car seat or stroller covers, and more. Time to get creative with your covers!

    • Buckles:
    Comes with adjustable buckles for easier handling instead of usual and not-so-competent D-ring necks.

    And if you’re looking for a baby shower gift, it makes the best choice ever. Something that comes up every time when the mother and baby unite in the most intimate and treasurable act.

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