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Third Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box - Baby Shower Gift Box - Maternity Gift Box

Third Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box - Baby Shower Gift Box - Maternity Gift Box


Finally on the home stretch of pregnancy, with just around 3 more months to go. This part of pregnancy can be the most challenging. From preparing for your baby’s arrival to the onset of labour pains

  • Why we chose the products :

    * Disposable Maternity Briefs: Regardless of what type of birth you have, you will want to be in something comfortable and if there are accidents then it can be thrown away without worrying about washing up. Making it one less thing to worry about at this very busy period of your life. **Please state your brief size at checkout (10/12, 14/16 or 18/20)?!***

    * Kicks Count Wristband: This award-winning wristbands can help you track movement episodes, making it easier to recognise a reduction or change. Made from silicone, they help reduce worry


    *Raspberry Leaf Tea: Supposed to lessen the pregnancy pain and cramps, minimize the risks of a C-section, increase lactation, and reduce the after-birth bleeding. We recommend it in the final trimester of the pregnancy cycle


    Compression Socks: It helps to reduce swelling, increase blood circulation in the area and provide relieve. This can also be used post pregnancy eg travelling, sport etc


    • Organic Panty Liner: More discharge thanks to pregnancy hormones and with pressure on bladder this helps with common leaks in this trimester especially


    • Maternity Pads: Bleeding is to be expected soon after birth and could last up to 6 weeks for some mums. These pads are soft, certified organic cotton, breathable natural materials, no plastic, no perfumes or dyes, totally chlorine free, biodegradable & compostable, suitable for both Vegetarian & Vegans mums

    * Epsom Bath Salt: Add Epsom bath salt to your foot baths to help relax your feet, soothing of muscles, relief from pains and aches, reducing the level of stress & much more

    * Hot/Cold packs: Although you will experience a few aches and pains in the 3rd trimester with the ever growing bump, we think you will get more use from this straight after birth. Back ache being one of the most common areas mothers suffer with, maybe it's to do with all that bending down to lift baby

    * Coconut Oil: Pocket sized for when out and about

    We have designed this box to meet the best needs of a pregnant mum. Each and every item has been selected after a thorough research and comparing the options available. Created to give mama a helping hand, even thinking ahead of essentials needed for the hospital bag and beyond.

    All orders are shipped in our branded box, gift ready with hand written personalised message for your recipient





    ***Third Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box - 3rd Trimester Gift Box - Maternity Gift Box for expectant Mum to be - Gifts for mums - Baby Shower***

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