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First Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box - Second Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box - 1st T

First Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box - Second Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box - 1st T

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The 1st trimester of pregnancy for many can be very tough. With symptoms such as nausea, morning sickness & extreme tiredness. The 2nd trimester on the other hand is considered a honeymoon period as a lot of these should have subsided by then hopefully. The items in this box have been carefully selected to see you through both trimesters.

  • Why we chose the products :

    Scan Picture Frame: With the beautiful note on the frame, this picture frame makes an ideal place and keepsake to store the scan picture from mummy's 12 or 20 weeks appointment

    Travel Mug: Staying hydrated during is essential throughout your pregnancy, this mug is ideal for drink heating and cooling, on the go

    Dr PawPaw Lip Balm: Since the body tends to retain more fluid during pregnancy, the surface of the skin often suffers from lack of moisture making chapped lips during pregnancy a common problem

    Ginger Sweets: With one of the common symptoms of early pregnancy is nausea & vomiting, we have included ginger sweets to help combat it. As ginger is a common treatment for nausea & upset stomach

    Ginger & Lemon Tea: ginger tea is considered an herbal tea and ok for pregnant women to drink, if it’s done in moderation. This is especially recommended if experiencing nausea and vomiting as well as uterine cramping in early pregnancy

    Epsom Bath Salt: As your body is still going through a significant amount of changes, we included this salt for its soothing of muscles, relief from pains and aches, reducing the level of stress & much more. As you get into your 2nd trimester, why don’t you take time out for yourself and have a nice and relaxing soak


    Your Pregnancy & Nutrition Guide: What to eat when you are pregnant. Nutrition during pregnancy has become a hot bed of research and there is an increasing body of evidence that shows how pregnancy is a 'critical window' for influencing the disease landscape of an infant's future adult life. 'Your Pregnancy Nutrition Guide' provides mums-to-be with expert information based on the latest research on nutrition and supplementation in pregnancy

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    First Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box - Second Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box - 1st Trimester Gift Box - 2nd Trimester Gift Box - Baby Shower

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