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Motherhood Stories - Krishana

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

My motherhood journey has been a colourful one. I’ve spent my earlier days forgetting and never getting the time to shower for days, always available on demand to breastfeed, which for all 3 of my babies was literally every 20 minutes for the first few months. Constantly covered in baby sick and the occasional poop and wee, by the end of most evenings it was a luxury just to jump in the shower for a super-fast wash and get some me time in the process (I have learnt to get it when I get even if that means in the bathroom), while hubby watched the baby, this luxury of course was not every evening. I wish!

Exhausted from a lack of sleep, I struggled often to decide whether I should catch a quick nap when the baby slept or do a quick clean around the house whenever the baby did go down for a few hours, cleaning often took priority as it was the only way I felt like I was on top of everything. Not to say it has all been doom and gloom. Everyday has brought a new surprise and change as I’ve watched my babies grow into little personalities.

My most recent experience that was new to me was when I told my 3 year old that I felt so tired and just wanted to catch a break. She responded by giving me a cuddle and saying gently ‘Is that better mommy? So though a difficult journey it has been, it’s been worth it without a doubt

Krishana ♥

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