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5 Ways to Keep Stress Away During Pregnancy

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Are you pregnant? Congratulations!




As a mum myself, the first thing I will tell you is to savour this phase in your life. You are going to reminisce it. So, make sure you have some lovely memories to recall and relive.

Like any other major milestone in your life, pregnancy also comes with a lot of stress. You have a human growing inside of you. Your body is undergoing tremendous changes, and your life is going to be different when you finally become a mum. The novelty of the experience and the anticipation can be a source of stress. While some of the stress is natural, too much of it can be harmful to you and your baby’s health. Here are some tips to help you relax.

Think About the Baby

You are worried about your health, the health of the baby, the process of pregnancy, the labour, the delivery...and a million other things.

Just take a break and look down at your bump.

The life inside you is also feeling all that tension. In fact, after 23 weeks, the baby starts responding to external stimuli. So, instead of worrying, start bonding with the baby. Read to your child, sing to them, or just talk. It will help you relax and even enjoy your pregnancy more.

Rest. You Need it.

Your body will communicate to you what it needs. If you don’t listen to it, your health can deteriorate progressively.

If you are feeling tired and need rest, do not push your body to work. Sit down or lay down and take a nap. You can get essential massage oils to help you bring down soreness or swellings. Mumspired care boxes come loaded with essential products to help you rest.

Most importantly, invest in a good bed, start sleeping early, and get your 8 hours of sleep. No compromises.

Get the Right Nutrition

It is important to eat right and eat enough to meet the nutritional requirements of two growing bodies. Eat regular meals, take the prescribed prenatal vitamins, and sip on liquids all day. Lack of nutrition or even dehydration can make you irritable and feel stressed at the smallest of things. When I was creating Mumspired boxes, I kept this in mind. I have put small things in these care boxes like energy bars, travel mugs, and other such items that I needed while I was pregnant.

Exercise is Good

Relaxation does not mean a lack of activity. As an expectant mum, you should rest, yes. That said, you should also give your body the necessary exercise. Exercise releases endorphins in your body, which, in turn, will keep you in a good mood. Gynaecologist-prescribed exercise will also help you stay away from joint pain and other related issues.

Finally... Stay Calm & Enjoy

Pregnancy can be a magical time if you do it right. Otherwise, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Talk to your doctor and your loved ones to understand more about what’s happening to your body. Invest in yourself and make sure that you keep yourself healthy. Stress can really take away from the joy of a healthy pregnancy. Don’t let that happen.

Mumspired x

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